Demon Hardi

Demon Hardi

Released Date : 1 / Oct / 2012
  1. Cravate Sauvage
  2. Sombre trafic
  3. Jeudi poisson
  4. La marmite du pygmée

CD Digipack – 7 tracks – lenght 1:14:44

Track listing
Le Labyrinthe du Cochon (9:15)
Jeudi (de) Poisson (10:34)
Sombre trafic sur le Nil (3:40)
La Marmite du Pygmée (8:55)
Le Château de L’Eléphant (6:26)
Cravate sauvage (9:27)
Oppression, Dépression, Les Valeurs du Cool (13:37)

All music and lyrics by Jack Dupon
Recorded at the Drumlin Downe Studio, East Kingston, NH in September 2010
Masterised by Jay Frigoletto at ProMastering Suite, Brookline, New Hampshire
Produced by Jack Dupon – Released by the label MUSEA
Photos and graphism Renard