20 janvier 2013

JackDupon in Studio

Quelques news… Après deux mois en studio avec des conditions idéales, d’espace, de son, de matos et d’environnement, l’enregistrement du nouvel album de JackDupon est terminé. Tous les membres du groupe ont fait le choix délibéré de partir un peu...

Performance with GONG at Les Abattoirs – 27/10/2012

It’s a pity that it took the arrival of a group, now fully made up of Britons, to discover their [Jack Dupon] performance, but it is in your best interest to regard what is written in these pages.
Jack Dupon provided everyone with some progressive energy…funny and totally uncompromising, unabashedly groovy, with perfectly timed rhythmic breaks, controlled slide guitar and featuring the wild hair of their prolific bassist [and yes, the hair WAS extremely prolific].

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JackDupon on Wikipedia

JackDupon is a French progressive rock band. The band’s music is created in a « scientific-empirical » way, based on themes, using counter melodies and poly-rhythms performed by one or several of the musicians, and with total improvisations during live performances or...


Bascule a vificon-download
  1. Jeudi poisson // Bascule a vif
  2. La marmite du pygmee // Bascule a vif
  3. Le chateau de l’elephant // Bascule a vif
  4. Intropression // Bascule a vif
  5. Le château de l’éléphant // Bascule a vif
Demon Hardiicon-download
  1. Cravate Sauvage // Demon Hardi
  2. Sombre trafic // Demon Hardi
  3. Jeudi poisson // Demon Hardi
  4. La marmite du pygmée // Demon Hardi
Empty full circulationicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Flowery way // Empty full circulation
  2. The king Hedgehog // Empty full circulation
  3. Six feet in Randan // Empty full circulation
  4. Broken house // Empty full circulation
  5. Burst balloon // Empty full circulation
Jesus l'Aventuriericon-download
  1. Butch // Jesus l'Aventurier
l'Echelle du Desiricon-download
  1. La Trilogie Des Mouches // l'Echelle du Desir
  2. L’homme a la jambe qui boit // Jack Dupon - l'Echelle du Desir
  3. Le Taureau // Jack Dupon - l'Echelle du Desir
  4. Cousine // Jack Dupon - l'Echelle du Desir
Tête de Chienicon-download
  1. Ulysse // Tête de Chien
  2. Raymond // Tête de Chien
  3. Ulysse // Jack Dupon - Tete de Chien
  4. Margareta // Jack Dupon - Tête de Chien


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