10 mai 2016

On the road to Spain

After the great start of the King Hedgehog cosmik puzzle tour (Clermont-Ferrand, Orleans, Paris), JackDupon goes off to play in Spain with Noise From Mars Friday 13 may @El Asesino – Valencia Saturday 14 may @Casal jove Puerto de Sagunto...
20 mars 2016


To realize the covers of JackDupon’s new CD and vinyl, the artists Kadah and Fani-ho have used the Anamorphosis technique. To discover this cover you will need a stainless steel saucepan or a convex mirror.

Spring release new album


Bascule a vificon-download
  1. Jeudi poisson // Bascule a vif
  2. La marmite du pygmee // Bascule a vif
  3. Le chateau de l’elephant // Bascule a vif
  4. Intropression // Bascule a vif
  5. Le château de l’éléphant // Bascule a vif
Demon Hardiicon-download
  1. Cravate Sauvage // Demon Hardi
  2. Sombre trafic // Demon Hardi
  3. Jeudi poisson // Demon Hardi
  4. La marmite du pygmée // Demon Hardi
Empty full circulationicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Flowery way // Empty full circulation
  2. The king Hedgehog // Empty full circulation
  3. Six feet in Randan // Empty full circulation
  4. Broken house // Empty full circulation
  5. Burst balloon // Empty full circulation
Jesus l'Aventuriericon-download
  1. Butch // Jesus l'Aventurier
l'Echelle du Desiricon-download
  1. La Trilogie Des Mouches // l'Echelle du Desir
  2. L’homme a la jambe qui boit // Jack Dupon - l'Echelle du Desir
  3. Le Taureau // Jack Dupon - l'Echelle du Desir
  4. Cousine // Jack Dupon - l'Echelle du Desir
Tête de Chienicon-download
  1. Ulysse // Tête de Chien
  2. Raymond // Tête de Chien
  3. Ulysse // Jack Dupon - Tete de Chien
  4. Margareta // Jack Dupon - Tête de Chien


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