JackDupon’s 10th anniversary

It was in July 2014 – and it was JackDupon’s 10th anniversary

To celebrate JackDupon’s anniversary we invited bands and musicians among the coolest met on the road ..

And that’s a mega luck!

It was a blast, an improbable weather window, the sun between rain the previous day and rain the next day. A great moment.

And all these happy people coming from far away to join, Poland, England, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium and France too!

We all had a ball, it would be great to be ten every year!

Thank you to Roland and La Licorne for the welcome, to Grü-Gru, Bleu, BencoBox, Mind Poetry, Sec, Djevara, Witold, Guigou and Gilles, Mucho Tapioca, Babayaga to all the producers and to all the people who came so many.

Many others could not bee there, they are in our hearts and we will not forget.

See you all again in 10 years, love ….

anniversary JackDupon