JackDupon is a casual [rough?] quartet who, as a slap in the morning [in the face?] attempts to drag his world in an adventurous and twisted journey as can be a mob riding without brakes the slopes of a fiery volcano.

Cartoony singing, neurotic guitars, bouncy basses, drums [gently?] uninhibited, JackDupon transforms the stage into a theater of therapeutic screams and automatic poetry.

JackDupon has been around for almost 10 years, trolling ideas [fixed?], he has parked his JackMobile at the four corners of Europe, put his amps on stages in the east American scenes.

JackDupon is outside formats.

JackDupon is kind, caring, courageous, hardworking, available braggart, liar, beautiful, elegant, humbug, smoking, fast, colorful, young, old, cooperative, individualistic, collective, slow, constructive, destructive, mover, athletic, disturbing…

The loads off a Rock, always in opposition, always experimenting, always moving, ramshackle rock lying at the frontiers of Prog, Punk, and Noise of Zeuhl, a mechanical avantgarde whose deranged mind prevents it from accepting any compromises whatsoever.