La République Dominicale du Zoo

Songs / Tracks Listing

  1. Muté                        ( 4:46)
  2. Niout                        ( 5:30)
  3. Ludus                        ( 6:25)
  4. Taureau                   ( 9:21)
  5. Garagiste                 ( 6:53)
  6. Total Time    32:54

Line-up / Musicians

– Gregory Pozzoli / guitar, vocals
– Arnaud M’Doihoma – bass, vocals
– Philippe Prebet – guitar, vocals
– Thomas Larsen – drums, vocals


1 – Muté
Limbos-Detective-Private Investigation-Waiting Room-Amnesia-Dunes-Chloroform-Identity-Cotton-Gagged cry

2- Niout
Cinema-Fiction-Tired-Heroin-Little Girl-Fear-Sleep-Childbirth-Bounce

3 – Ludus
Gladiator’s training camp-Spartacus-Democracy-Bubbling-Primary Forest-Run-Pack-Macabre trance

4 – Taureau
Childish games-Arenas-Corridor-Sidereal Void-Opposition-Pulsion-Win Stains-Dust-Cloud-Sky

5 – Garagiste
Brain renovator-Moped-Gearing-Tool box-conjugation-Carnival-Vortex-Freed machine


A futuristic baby’s musical prescription.

Double sided trampoline, LRDDZ is a giant lemur contained in an electric egg.
Five sleepwalking onomatopoeias, crosswords shouted over a slow, sandy storm.
A blur before going to bed, curtains for a good sleep and salted candies used as toothpaste.

Prohibit, shut down, block, restrain, die, will JackDupon sit on the curb and stand there with his arms dangling?

Or lock himself up in his Tibetan studio, to record sounds, melodies, bring together in search of beauty, hope for grace, do draft work to improve the moldabilty of uninhibited sequences.

Material to capsize the noggin that he kneads in his ordinatory, adds a few layers of biscuits and torture them with mustard to make appetizing dishes.

Zigzagging from a waiting room to a training camp, from a mechanic to the former head of a cuadrilla, from the heroine of an old sci-fi movie to an amnesiac private detective.

This album is the emblem of music for reptilian-neanderthal brains, a tangle of ease, bad smells, and audacity freely traversed by chickens, bunches of goats and nonchalant sheep.

Essential for dancing, in our bodies and in our heads!

Release information

Studio album
Release date – May 1st, 2021
Format: CD/Vinyl/K7

Composition, recording, editing, mixing and production :
JackDupon @ studio «Bienvenue au Tibet»  during spring/autumn and winter 2020

Graphics: Super Détergent

Mastering: Studio Altho Lyon

Labels: La Boîte à Malice / Degelite

Distribution: Bandcamp / Wayside Music (USA)/ Ars2 (PL) / Believe