… July 1891,
the famous « Baron Samedi », genious explorer, enters to the deepest of the sub-African forest….. In there he meets some strange little men : The Batwa pygmies … A mistunderstanding undoubtedly made him make an error! and…
For obvious reasons of respect of the private life, certain scenes have been transposed in order not to interfere with the susceptibility of … the sun, the cooking pots, the Pygmies, the Equatorial forest and so on…
Thank you for your understanding. This « little story » claims that Jack Dupon was the famous «Baron Samedi !
The music is extracted from the track « La marmite du pygmée » contained on the album « Démon Hardï ».
Script and decoration : Jack Dupon
Filming : Renard
Editing : Unknown
Baron Samedi : Thomas Larsen
El Cavaleros : Philippe Prebet
La Mortadella : Gregory Pozzoli
Al Groomilam: Arnaud M’Doihoma
The hereafter: Lisbet Larsen