Show review

Performance with GONG at Les Abattoirs – 27/10/2012

It’s a pity that it took the arrival of a group, now fully made up of Britons, to discover their [Jack Dupon] performance, but it is in your best interest to regard what is written in these pages.
Jack Dupon provided everyone with some progressive energy…funny and totally uncompromising, unabashedly groovy, with perfectly timed rhythmic breaks, controlled slide guitar and featuring the wild hair of their prolific bassist [and yes, the hair WAS extremely prolific].

The quartet does not use simple choruses and verses, and with their Albert Marcoeur [RIO, avantgarde legend]- styled drumming while the two guitarists use distorted riffs, alternating denseness…rather noisy and juggling a fucked-up wah-wah of psychedelic sensibility.
It simply makes it wonderful…the wah wah controlled by insolence.
Their next album should feature the first two songs played that night…
Absolutely Stunning!
One of two things—either the current culture of contemporary prog music leaves a lot to be desired…or…it’s the first time in a long time that a band really plays something new in this genre.
And progressive they are!”

– Dariev Stands
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