The King Hedgehog cosmik puzzle tour

On the road to Spain

After the great start of the King Hedgehog cosmik puzzle tour (Clermont-Ferrand, Orleans, Paris), JackDupon goes off to play in Spain with Noise From Mars

  • Friday 13 may @El Asesino – Valencia
  • Saturday 14 may @Casal jove Puerto de Sagunto
  • Thursday 19 may @Magazine Club – Valencia
  • Friday 20 may @Valencia
  • Saturday 21 may @Green Espai – Puerto de Sagunto


Album release


JackDupon has now finished the mix and mastering of their next album, to be released as a vinyl and as a CD.

The picture is taken in Altho-Studios Recording-Mastering

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TETE DE CHIEN  Jack Dupon  RIO/Avant-Prog

4 stars French Avant Prog band Jack Dupon is always a surprise! And so far it has been always a good surprise! Tête De Chien (2014) is a live album released by the band in July. You will also find the same release in DVD. Recorded in December 2013, Tête De Chien (2014) is a concert that is based on their latest release (at the time), Jésus L’aventurier (2013). Out of the 6 tracks presented in the live album 5 of them belong to that studio album. The exception being ‘Miaou’, a new piece written for this release that is actually just a short intro kinda of thing.

You may say: “Hey, if 5 out of 6 tracks are in their last studio album why bother with this live release?” Well, a fair question I would say, my thoughts on the topic exactly. But you see, bands like Jack Dupon are completely different monsters on a live enviroment. They play this pieces in a new way, if they seemes improvised in their studio versions you have something even more improsived here.

If you know the band I think you should get this release because of the power behind the live performance, if you’re not convinced then get the DVD version and watch Jack Dupon being the crazy character Jack Dupon is.

Jack Dupon is part of a revival of Avant Prog in France. For me the three big names being Jack Dupon itself, Rhùn and Mucho Tapioca. Out of France we also have the North American act miRthkon. Bands that rely in the Avant Prog genre without indulging themselves in no musicality whatsoever. They rely on a well balanced mix of crazyness with a musical approach to it and Jack Dupon is the top of the lot!!

ProgShine |4/5 |


Les ronfleurs dorment

From the DVD

JackDupon’s 10th anniversary

It was in July 2014 – and it was JackDupon’s 10th anniversary

To celebrate JackDupon’s anniversary we invited bands and musicians among the coolest met on the road ..

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Festival Mauzun 2014

Merci !

Bon, on veut dire merci à tout le monde pour cet fête incroyable, au delà de nos attentes.

Chaque groupe se surpassant, la soirée fut mémorable.

Un grand bravo à tous, et la fierté de vous avoir réunis à la Licorne, et merci à Roland et toute son équipe pour du gros boulot, pour cette soirée comme depuis 18 ans d’existence.

Un merci à tout ceux qui ont donné un coup de main, petit ou grand, dans l’ombre ou la lumière.

Finalement cette fête était un grand merci, un coup de chapeau à tous ceux qui ont permis à JackDupon de grandir, un merci aussi à ceux qui n’ont pas pu venir, ce n’est que partie remise.

Assez de remerciements, longue vie à la musique autrement, le rock c’est vous !

Also a very special thought for all our friends that came from so far, thanks to every one of you, you made it possible for JackDupon to live and grow, so this party is dedicated to you.

A mention to those who couldn’t make it, we didn’t forget you and the party is not over.

Keep it up for a different music, you are the real rock’n’roll !