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11 November 2014

Les ronfleurs dorment

We are happy to present the trailer of the DVD, “Les ronfleurs dorment – le film” DVD digipack containing incredible action scenes made without any...
20 January 2013

JackDupon in Studio

Quelques news… Après deux mois en studio avec des conditions idéales, d’espace, de son, de matos et d’environnement, l’enregistrement du nouvel album de JackDupon est...
09 October 2014

Tete de chien

The live album : Tête de Chien, released july 2014 Listen to it, buy, download <a href=”http://www.jack-dupon-rock-progressif.net/shop.html”>Tête de chien by Jack Dupon</a>
20 January 2012

JackDupon on Wikipedia

JackDupon is a French progressive rock band. The band’s music is created in a “scientific-empirical” way, based on themes, using counter melodies and poly-rhythms performed...
24 July 2014

JackDupon’s 10th anniversary

It was in July 2014 – and it was JackDupon’s 10th anniversary To celebrate JackDupon’s anniversary we invited bands and musicians among the coolest met...
Flowery way
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  2. Burst balloon
  3. Broken house
  4. Six feet in Randan
  5. The king Hedgehog